Sunday, April 26, 2020

When Did Fat Become the Worst Thing You Could Be?

All of us are stressed. No one knows what to do with themselves in the time of Quarantine. I’ve seen the social media posts about all the baking, what people are binge watching, and the struggles as well. There’s also the negativity. One of my issues I’ve noticed is the fat-phobic posts and comments.
It’s played off as a joke. A lighthearted meme or post. To fat people this isn’t a joke. When did it become a sin to be one of us? People might be thinking why I decided to write this post. For the people who read me, they know I’m body and fat positive in real life and in my stories.
Every body is worthy of love and respect. Bodies whatever their size aren’t the fodder for punchlines.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Publishing Announcement for Blood Reigns

This is an announcement I've been dreading and I regret to inform you of an announcement on my publishing schedule. Not just for the book I had due out next week, but for the upcoming months.

Due to issues with illness and life, I unfortunately had no choice but to cancel the release of Blood Reigns (Yuri Sorenson Book 2). At this time I am unable to put out a book that I can be proud of. With the current climate and high stress I have been forcing the creation of the book. Being able to publish it and have it stand up to the pride I took in the first book is impossible at this time.

When it comes to the stories I write, I need my readers to connect with the characters I create and even I am having a hard time doing so. The story is forced in areas and if I can tell, my long term readers would definitely be able to notice. I can't do that.

So, over the next few weeks or so, I need to focus on my physical and mental health. Stress and severe depression has taken its toll on my immune system.

This decision was not made without punishment. Due to cancelling the preorder I have been barred from scheduling one through Amazon for the next year. I will send them an email and explain the situation but doubt that they will reverse the decision.

All preorders in all markets should be cancelled, Amazon will be sending out an email and won't be charging you for the preorder. If you purchased the title through Kobo or Barnes & Noble, please contact them for a refund if you are charged in error.

I deeply regret this decision and know that I've disappointed readers who've looked forward to catching up with Yuri and Josh. This was the best decision for myself and readers as the story I've written is sub-par and nowhere near ready for release.


J.M. Dabney