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#New #Release Sin & Saint #Executioners #Series #Poly #Gayromance

Eric and Ellison Gant, better known as Sin and Saint, were opposite sides of the same coin. They epitomized the nicknames given to them by their friends in the band Executioners. One thing Sin and Saint did well was fight, and being inseparable meant they had a lot of disagreements, but one thing they agreed on was that Sheriff Camden Pelter was theirs. The older, stoic man didn’t agree, yet they were determined to change his mind.

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#Featured #Author Emily Jean Companion's Tale Series #MMM #Menage

Blurb for book #1 (Quinn's Destiny)

Never Question, always obey.

The world is cruel for a companion whose sole purpose is to fight beside his warlock masters in the heat of war.

A war that rages between warlock and vampire.

A companion must be their mater's shield as well as their submissive, and a warrior who chooses otherwise will receive a cold-blooded punishment. Quinn is a companion who serves his master in any way that he desires, and always without question. Specifically created by the warlocks from a combination of magic and life essence to win the war, Quinn is the perfect companion to use in order to gain the upper hand against their blood sucking enemies. 

But when Quinn's master perishes from a vampire attack, he finds that the warlocks no longer have a use for him, and Quinn is left with a choice. Run, or be disposed of like his brothers and sisters before him. 

The world is cruel for a companion who chooses to run away, but when an enticing and dangerous vampire begins hunting Quinn for answers he may or may not be able to fulfill, his fate dangles by a thread. 
Will he choose to escape the clutches of the warlocks and try to survive on his own? Or will his submissive nature take over and let the warlocks choose his destiny for him, putting an end to his freedom and the vampire who seeks him?

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#NewRelease Davidson King - Falling Snow #Review #Giveaway

Snow Falling

Davidson King
Publication date: November 28, 2017
Cover Artist: Five Star Designs
Length: 54K words
Self Published


After running from a past destined to kill him, Snow has been hiding on the streets.

Tell nobody your name.

Tell nobody your secrets.

Trust nobody!

These are the rules of the streets.

His entire life changes when he saves an eight-year-old boy from a violent end. Christopher Manos is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country.

Don’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself.

Secrets can get you killed.

Trust nobody!

These are the rules he lives by.

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#New #Release Sassy in the Snow - Tracey Steinbach #MF #PNR


Jolene Todd has been patiently waiting for the completion of her bar remodel. Finding herself in need of something to occupy her time, Jolene agrees to house sit for a friend. The peace and quiet is a nice change from the rowdy atmosphere of her bar, but soon the calm comes to a crashing halt when Jolene finds herself face to face with a dashing shifter.
Ryker Stevens prides himself on being the town Sheriff and an enforcer of the pack. While tracking a rouge wolf, Ryker happens upon a home and meets a woman who just may be the missing piece of his heart.
Follow Ryker and Jolene as they overcome a mix-up and tread the waters of romance in Sassy in the Snow by Tracey Steinbach.



Author Tracey Steinbach writes anything from dystopian to contemporary to paranormal erotic romances. She doesn’t mince words when it comes to writing sex so most of her books are a three-star heat level or above. Her alternate persona, Tracey Michael, is a bestselling author in LGBT erotic romance. Between the two names, she’s published with Dreamspinner Press, Siren Publishing, Liquid Silver Publishing, Rooster & Pig Publishing and self-published.

Her first published work in 2011 was a paranormal anthology piece.

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#Featured #Author Nora Phoenix - No Filter #MM #Romance

I distinctly remember reading my first MM romance. I’d been reading romances since I was maybe thirteen, started out with ‘borrowing’ my mom’s Harlequins without her noticing. I never stopped reading them after that, but after almost thirty years, the MF genre was getting a bit on my nerves. I started reading in different subgenres: paranormal, extra kink, you name it. It was good, but still… I even wrote MF myself, but it never completely satisfied, somehow. Something was missing.

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Featured Author: My Zombie Boyfriend - T. Strange

Genre: paranormal romance, M/M, contemporary romance Length: 71,000 words (novel)

Blurb: Any city is bound to collect restless dead. Armed with the notebook of Icelandic magic his ex boyfriend, Bone, gave him, Edward Grey has been tasked with removing troubled spirits or finding ways for the living and the dead to coexist in harmony. Between planning his wedding with his undead Canadian fiancé, Kit Ward, and his continued studies as a medical student, Edward didn’t need another commitment, but he can’t turn away people who are frightened or in danger. 

A particularly vicious ghost gives Edward an ominous warning—they’re coming—and a few days later Edward’s notebook is stolen from him. While he’s attempting to find it, he and his mentor, Mariel, are confronted by a very powerful necromancer and barely escape with their lives. 

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An Opinion: What is Romance?

This isn’t going to be an erotica versus romance post. I will touch on elements, highlight my points with examples of both, but this is a post about what romance is to me as a writer of the genre. In essence, I’m an author of LGBTQ+ Diverse and Body Positive Romance/Fiction, but I’m also a huge reader, so I know what works for me. I don’t claim to speak for others.

We delve into the lives and innermost thoughts of a character, create these people who are supposed to earn our readers emotions and time. That is the highest compliment that a writer/author can receive is a person’s time. We draw out emotions of every kind. Our readers laugh, cry, cheer on the couple or trio and enjoy the satisfaction of a happily ever after.

What makes a romance a romance, well, that’s easy: fantasy. People falling in love. Sometimes in literature, those journeys can be comfortable and instant others are more painful and hard earned.
What should a romance character be? Should they only be billionaires with perfect lives in their ivory tower penthouses? Can it be a grease-smeared mechanic and the struggling cashier at the local mom-and-pop grocery? Is one better than the other: NO.

In our struggle for diverse fiction characters, they should be rich and poor, people of color, all religions and shapes and sizes. Romance isn’t and shouldn’t be a color by numbers endeavor. Yes, there’s a formulaic sequence to romance, an almost tried and true method, but just because they work should that be the level that all romance be held to?

Does the standard romance exclude menage, poly, or open romances? Who says what romance is? Are we so stuck in the so-called dark ages of romance that there’s no room for growth? If that were the case, then we’d still be focusing only on straight-virgin-heroine-alpha-male romances. Bodice rippers if you will.

Romance has made a massive turn in the last few decades, no longer are sex scenes off the page (behind closed doors). We’re allowed to delve into the more physical aspects of a romantic couple’s relationship. There’s a fine line between romance and erotica, heat and sexual content working on a sliding scale.

Erotica is classified as such for explicitness of sex scenes and the frequency of said sex scenes. Romance is more judged on the content, does the book adhere to and depend on a happily ever after. Erotica delves into romance, the people involved even end up with the HEA. Romance slips into erotica when it comes to the sex scenes. It’s sex, sex is explicit and dirty, yes, it can be sweet and slow, but does romance or erotica cancel out the other for no reasons other than a sometimes unspoken rule?

I will use my stories for example, I have a substantial romantic element in my stories. In the end, there will be an HEA, but when it comes to the sex scenes they are highly erotic and detailed in nature. Does that make my stories sensual or romantic? I say both and neither.
Let me explain that, portions of my books are nasty from action to talk, then others are more sweet and loving. Oh, that word, loving, if you must know, I hate that word, what some would consider loving isn’t the same as others.

That’s where erotic romance comes into play, the explanation is in the name. I hate classification, example, I wrote a bisexual male who fell in love with a transgender woman, in essence, the book was a straight romance, but I felt that also erased his identity has bisexual even though I didn’t gloss over his bisexuality. That’s where I find things become complicated. Erasure of any kind is bigoted in nature.

If we’re genuinely inclusive as we all spout, then why do we take one type of character and raise them up to God(dess)-like levels? The ripped blond(e), blue-eyed, perfectly proportioned hero/heroine, some weirdly master race bullshit. Do we do this because it seems more sexually and socially acceptable, more marketable?

As with anything marketable, they must appeal to the masses, romance covers are graced with ripped, male perfection to draw the potential customers eye. Would a cover model with a belly attract as much attention. Honestly, I will say no. We’re drawn to what pleases the eyes or what we’re conditioned to believe is pleasing.

This goes for the inside content as well, would you instead read about two perfect beings going at it and everything is perfectly laid out, orgasms reached in tandem and angel sing and weep at the sight? Of course, perfection is everything, we’ve been programmed since birth that we must fit. But I won’t go into the sociological explanations of any of it. Perfection sells.

Now, on the other hand, a less than perfect sex scene where body parts jiggle, there’s profuse sweating and the people involved are red from exertion, not so sexy. So, we can say that we write what appeals, but who’s to say that doesn’t demean readers? The scene I described could contain comedic elements, sex is and sometimes should be fun. Outtakes if you would, can make a reader smile, maybe cause them to remember a not-so-typical experience that brings them back to a different time. Memories while not perfect were still fun.

My next point, what makes a romance couple a romantic couple and why should it only be a couple?
In a traditional romance, it contains a couple, two people who go through the process of the meet, dating, falling in love, and so forth. In what would be considered not so traditional is the menage and poly relationships, the BDSM couples/throuples. Now, are we saying that the mentioned groups can’t have a romantic and loving relationship, do they not belong in the romance genre? No, they belong entirely, because in society there are plenty of people in non-traditional relationships that are just as loving and sometimes more so than the typical players. Because in some cases, I’m not insinuating all, there’s a deep level of trust, especially in the BDSM relationships. I’m not talking about the aspect of Dom(s) and sub(s) who meet for scenes/play.

It's commitment and isn’t that what we strive for in a romance? Who says that loving two or more people is less than what some would label normal, because nothing is ordinary, normal is an aberration—an unattainable. What some would consider a perfectly standard romance is different from what people in a D/s relationship would. Their relationship shouldn’t be demeaned and devalued for the simple fact it isn’t what someone else likes. It is discriminatory to push personal relationship values on others in a consensual partnership.

What about open relationships, could they not be considered romantic to the person in one?
We’re taught from an early age lessons that say love is between one man and one woman, but can it not be just as easy to fall in love with two people, three, four, or whatever?

We write Rent Boys and Pornstars in our books but value them less than, maybe because subconsciously we in some way consider them emotionally and mentally stunted. They’re people just like everyone else. They could’ve grown and been nurtured in loving homes with the nuclear family model.

We’re a society that makes sex dirty when it’s the most natural thing, but, and this is a huge but, what about individuals on the asexual spectrum? Do we devalue their pursuit of romance because there’s sometimes not a sexual element? Some do and they shouldn’t.

Love is love. We write these fanciful stories of fairy tales and some of us write the more difficult and darker elements of romance. Characters broken or seemingly broken by past abuse whether in childhood or adulthood.

We’re told what we should write and what we shouldn’t write. Kink is automatically considered erotica when honestly it’s just sex—different, but sex. Wars are raging for us to find one right and the other wrong, certain characters above reproach while others are open to ridicule.

Would you do this to a person in real life? Would you demean a person to their face because you value their relationships or job as something less than? Would you tell a person of color or an LGBTQ+ person that they are less than because of who they are or choose to love?

If you’re an asshole, yes, yes you would, but inclusiveness demands we look at characters and people in our books and real life as examples. Not as a rule of what we should or shouldn’t be, but as what people hide behind closed doors. We don’t look past the façade, we take first impressions and run with them. We tell people they don’t belong because they don’t align with a bullet list of what our archaic belief systems consider acceptable.

Romance is romance, one thing for me and another for you. Does this mean I’m wrong and you’re right, no, it doesn’t, and you know why, but because we’re all different and diverse. We’re made of past experiences, personal beliefs formed and constantly changed over time.

Will I change that I write big handsome men or big beautiful women, or persons of color, or bisexual, transgender, gay and lesbian characters? No, because romance and its readers deserve to be treated as adults. To be given examples of something different from themselves, but relatable. It’s how we grow as humans. How we nurture understanding and respect.

Storytellers have been around since the beginning of time since people drew scenes on cave walls. We share our tales and the stories of others to hopefully allow someone to grow. We also tell stories of people who look different to enable others to see themselves. Romance is there to give people hope, a belief that yes they can have that.

Fanciful as it sounds, what it romance, it is hope and dreams, and in some cases, it’s a lifeline for the ones who feel they don’t belong or deserve love. We in all our caffeine-fueled typing are weavers of dreams and fantasies that let people of all body types, shades, and socioeconomic backgrounds know that for a few hours or more they lived a romance or a sweaty sex-fueled affair.

In the end, isn’t that what romance or any genre is about…escape.

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Deteriorating Mental Health and the Failure of Self-Care in 2017

In the collapse of modern civilization, we with invisible illnesses are overstimulated with the decline into a future dystopian reality that we've only read about in books and seen in movies. No gender, race, ethnicity, religion (Non-Religious), gender identity, sexual identity, we were in essence not safe before 2016, but in the landscape that is our current political and social environment we’re even less safe. We’re targets.

We have a man-child in the highest office of the United States. We’re having our rights dissolved by white, upper-class Republicans. Walking down the street is an exercise is strength and hopes that our fear doesn’t override our hope of something brighter. The United States is no longer considered a place people can come to escape oppression.

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#Featured #Author Annabella Michaels - Uniting the Souls

New Release

Uniting the Souls
A Souls of Chicago Story

Annabella Michaels 


As the owner of Agape House, a center for Chicago’s LGBTQ youth, Matt worked tirelessly to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for the kids who called the center home. He put his heart and soul into helping the teens in his care, pushing aside his own pain. A pain that no one knew about, not even his closest friend, Isaac.

When Isaac first arrived at Agape House in need of shelter, the first person he saw was Matt. Isaac could tell that Matt was a good man and as he got to know him better, he began to trust him and the two became close friends. As an adult, Isaac began working at the center, wanting to give back to the place and the man who had saved his life. Over time, his feelings for Matt grew, but he wasn’t sure if Matt would ever see him as more than just a friend.

Dr. Hudson Westley was impressed when he heard from his friends about the work being done at Agape House so he decided to check it out for himself in the hopes of volunteering his counseling services. He was excited to help the LGBTQ youth from his home city. However, he wasn’t expecting the visceral reaction he had to both Isaac and Matt when they met.

The attraction between the three men was immediate and powerful, taking them all by surprise, especially Matt who not only found himself drawn to Hudson, but began to see Isaac through new eyes as well. There was obviously something special between them, but would Matt be able to let go of his past in order to create a future? Would Isaac finally open up about what happened that led him to Agape House all those years ago, and could Hudson be strong enough to hold them all together, creating a love like they’ve never known and uniting their souls?

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#Featured #Author Bronwyn Heeley - This Is Me - #Guest Post

This Is Me

I’ve never been good at the whole guest post thing. Like what are we meant to say? Am I meant to assume you know who the hell I am and then run with it? Give advice? I don’t know. So I thought I’ll go with the whole intro idea

I am Bronwyn Heeley, it’s the name I use for my romance writing. I plan, in the next year or so to debut as McGee for young adults. In both cases I am a multi-genre /sub-genre fiction author. Though sometime you have to label yourself accordingly, which makes me a romance author under the Heeley name. However I don’t really write romance. Well, yes, I write romance as in the falling in love part, but not the style which makes me an you’ll love or hate type of author. Fun for me, right. I’m plot driven and like to challenge myself with each new book I start writing.

I tend to write third past tense deep POV which is confusing as hell but I like the style and aren’t planning on changing it. However in my new work I’m heading for long novellas and novels as I think it’ll suit my writing a lot better. It took 3 years but I think I’ve finally managed to get to a point where I’m completely comfortable with myself as an author. Genre wise I tend to swing towards paranormal fantasy but I have a few contemporaries and science-fiction thrown in. I like creating words and the magic involved and I have many new paranormal series coming over the next couple of years.

But first we are going back in time.

When I first published I started with Moonlit Wolves which is a series that is rough as hell, lucky for me they are coming out of contract at the end of the year with eXtasybooks, and so I am already starting to rewrite them, completely, reorganise them and lengthen them. I’ve finish 2 of the 10 books being released next year and I’ll tell you the change is remarkable. But I guess you’ll only really know that unless you’ve read the original and I’m embarrassed enough about them that I hope you haven’t *que awkward chuckle*

Anyway, I know it’s a few months away until this one will be re-realeased and hell, you can still buy the original first 7 books on the extasy site, but I thought I’d share with you a fun unproofed excerpt of the first book in the newly defined Moonlit Wolves series

Introducing Forever with My Werewolf

Chapter One

“Where are we going?” Tim asked for the umpteen time as he was pulled through the thick trees in the bush surrounding Oberon. The bush rubbish was damp under his feet even though it hadn’t rained in a good month. The large roots of the trees were sticky with moss as the trunks towered over their heads. Tim knew if he looked behind he wouldn’t be able to see the road though they’d only just stepped into the tree line. The uniform came from tree farming even if this area was now considered national forest.
“Just for a walk in the woods.” Gene smiled something wicked in his eye.
“Woods, really?” Tim’s eyes narrowed as he looked back at Gene. Colin, his boyfriend’s fingers squeezed around his own as he guided him forwards.
Tim took a breath trying to get rid of the nerves eating away at his stomach. Something wasn’t quite right, but then it wasn’t all that unusual. These boys had a secret, and it seemed he might be finally learning. Only learning secrets wasn’t always a good thing, Tim knew that.
“Yeah? That’s what we are in,” Gene’s playful argumentative nature soothed Tim like nothing else could even if everything was still there.
“No, we are in the bush, woods are in other countries,” Tim replied automatically.
“Semitics.” Gene chuckled, but even that was slightly off.
Tim stumbled as Colin stopped without warning. There hadn’t even been a slowed down step like Colin had forgotten where they’d been going until suddenly he was there.
“This will do.” Colin took a deep breath; his fingers still wrapped tightly around Tim. He didn’t turn to look at him even when the rest of the group moved around them.
All up there were seven other people. These were also the same group that shared one three bedroom house. To say they were close was an understatement and it had taken Tim a long time to get used to the dynamic. Tim’s eyes were all for Colin, wide shoulders, thick neck, square jaw and floppy blonde hair. He looked larger like his personality was showing through and the hair on his jaw was thick, he needed a shave, but Tim quite liked the look of him. He was simply, trackies and a thin jumper, and flip-flops, in the bush, something else Tim had wondered about, but they brushed him off.  
“So are you ready for this?” Colin asked, his voice smooth and even, though there was an undercurrent like he’d been plugged into a wall socket and was just waiting to be turned on.
“For what, come on Colin you’re scaring me.”
“Come on, Tim,” Gene pipped up from the across the soggy needles from the pine trees littering the area. “Haven’t you always wanted to know what we get up to on the full moon?”
“I…” yes. Yes, he had always wondered, even pestered not only Colin but the rest of them on what they got up to on their annual camping trips. He’d not actually realised this was what they did, considering they’d not brought any camping equipment had definitely through him.
“There’s only one way to learn.” Kyle chuckled, it fell flat against the needles. He gripped the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head making Tim blush slightly and look away. Okay, that was even weirder, Tim had become very used to the fact that if he went to Colin’s house, he’d most likely run into a naked man, or two, hell one time he went over there are the whole house had decided it was naked movie night. Lots of flesh on display.
“Babe,” Colin's voice had Tim looking up. “It’s going to be okay.” But even Tim could see he was lying, but about what? About what they were about to tell him or was it more about if Tim would still stay with him when it was over?
“What’s going on Colin?” Tim put his hands up, cupping Colin’s face. Such a handsome face he had. Tim had always thought so. Square jaw, blonde stubble covering it, sharp blue eyes, white blonde hair. He was everything Tim had ever wanted, and he’d been crazy about him since the first time he’d seen him. Pulling Colin closer, Tim took his lips in a kiss he hoped spoke of love and reassurance. It wasn’t until he pulled back, blinking a few times that he realised Colin was naked. In fact that all were.
“Ah… guys, what’s going on?”
“We told you, Tim; you wouldn’t believe it unless we showed you.” James’ spoke in his typical serious tone that slowly turned into a pained growl as the moon shone a bright spot through the trees into the middle of their circle.
“I…” Tim swallowed hard at the sounds deep pants from all seven men around him, naked. Some of them curled in on themselves. Others backs bowed as the sound of socked popping and bones cracking. It was sicking and made his throat hurt.
And then something happened. Tim wasn’t certain as he couldn’t quite make his mind figure out what the hell was actually happening. They became bigger, so much bigger and hair sprouted out over their bodies. Nose becoming longer, turning it into a snot, yeah that’s what was happening, Colin was turning canine. But not like a wolf you’d find in the world, no he was looking more like something caught between Lupin in Harry Potter and a 1980’s movie version, except in full HD. Thick hind legs holding up a straggly body which seem to curl in on itself naturally. His ribs showed under flesh, no hair on his belly, his thighs were huge and sat out, keeping it up
Oh, fuck no…! Tim’s mind stuttered on itself, not knowing which way was up and what was down. No. No.
Screams filled the air, bouncing off the trees, but Tim could hear it, even though he was the one making the noise. He stood frozen, eyes flickering from one were—
“Oh shit.” His chest hurt from the rapped breathing. “Oh shit.” He was standing around in the middle of the beasts, of things out of a horror movie. Movies in which depicted them exactly how they were except this had better graphics. Because they were real. Standing there. Right in front of him, waiting for what? To catch his sent before they start the feeding frenzy?
Seven of them, there was seven beasts. Beast with a better name than that but one Tim was reluctant to actually put to mind. What if thinking it would make it real. What if it was real and he was really standing here in the midst of seven large growly werewolves!
Oh shit, tears pricked at his eyes as he squeaked in breath after breath. The one that took the place of Colin lifted its hand, thin, hairy and tipped with wicked claws.
Tim’s body moved. He stumbled backwards tripping over a log or root. But he kept on going, crab crawling without turning away from the beasts.
A mouth opened, sharp teeth caught the moonlight and Tim was done. His flight mode kicked it. Turning around he pulled himself off the ground without stopping, and he was off. He needed to get out of here, needed to get somewhere safe. He’d watched all the movies he could get his hands on; he loved werewolf movies. Loved everything about it, but what they all had in common was horror, and that was the fact that once they turned they ate, they took apart everyone and everything that was around them. Anything with a heartbeat and turned them into food. Realistically Tim should have thought about that, should have been able to see past the obvious panic his head was creating, but really fuck realism in the face of a fucking werewolf!
The edge of the bush came up quick, thick trees abruptly stopped and Tim stumbled down the steepish hill, dirt kicked up under his heels, roots pushed him further forwards, so he had no other hope then landing on the gravel road but with a hard bang, he was even lucky enough to slide a little which burned the heel of his hand, elbow and one knee. His heart was in his throat, and all he could do in that one moment was make sure his chin didn’t meet the same end. He was going to feel this in the morning.
The squealing of tires and he tried to stumble to his knees, he needed to get out of the way and yet he knew he wouldn’t be quick enough.
“Dude, you okay?” a male voice came from a distance.
“Ah,” Tim managed to say as he sat back on his heel. Looking towards the car he saw that they were actually a good foot or so away from him, three men had their head out the doors. There weren't any streetlights in this part, so he wasn’t sure what they looked like.
“Ah, yeah.” Tim nodded, trying to turn his mind on as the stinging blazed brightly. “Yeah, I think so.”
“Why you out here?” the talker asked as he came around the car, the lights flickering as another walked into the beam.
Tim’s eyes flickered towards the trees. His heart beat hard, his stomach twisted hard.
The scrapping of boots on the road close to him had him turning back towards the men. They both looked to be in the mid to late twenties; they were rough looking, hard even. And Tim wanted to get away from them as much as he wanted to get away from the werewolves. One had dark hair and light skin, oddly so as if they never really got into the sun. The other was similar looking and yet very different, Tim would guess that came more from the shape of the face than anything else.
“Grab him!” the one who hadn’t spoken before, his eyes locked onto the tree line. “We need to get outta here before…Shit! Teddy, pick’im up!”
Tim and the talker—Teddy—eyes flickered towards the bush edge, both seeing the same thing, a line of werewolves, standing up on their hind legs, standing like some sort of horror movie, Children of the Corn kind of shit. Bright eyes watching a soft growl rumbling through the pack.
“Shit.” The talker spat out. Before Tim could do anything, he grabbed him by one arm and lifted him up off the ground.
The werewolf roared, sharp and to the point, it made everyone freeze, the two men, one holding Tim under the arms.
 “What fucking luck.” Talker – Teddy chuckled.
“Destiny.” Yet another voice said, this one deeper, menacing with its glee. “Teddy, knock’em out.”
Tim looked at the speaker, he was older by a lot, maybe even late fifties. He blinked, trying to understand everything that was happening, that he seemed to be in more danger with these people than the werewolves in the woods.
Guns started going off, the people from the car were shooting at the line of werewolves. All but one moved back into the protection of the tree. Tim watched as bullets dug in deep into the werewolf whose eyes were locked on Tim and then like a dream his eyesight dimmed and everything went away.

Colin screamed, he couldn’t help it, though in wolf form it turned into a howl that seemed to rip apart the night.
His mate.
His mate was taken.
His sides hurt, he could hardly breathe.
He needed to find his mate.
It was only the first night as a wolf. This one had him weaker then tomorrow night. Then the night afterwards he’d be in this state again.
He was weak.
His mate was missing.
He took a step, another, and another. Getting himself on the road, looking at the direction the van had gone.
His mate had gone.
He needed to follow. Needed to get him, bring him home.
He started to run, but it was slow. His side burned as pain laced through his body. His legs felt like jelly. But he had to go, had to get to his mate.
He—he...had to...
The road became the only thing he could see. His body hurt, he couldn’t get it to move. He needed to move. To get his mate. To bring him home where he was meant to be.
A howl went through the night, drenched in fear and hurt. Loneliness and grief. The sound of it alone would bring a tear to your eye.
More howls joined in, some close—werewolves. Others far away—dogs.

*remember this has not been through proof edits yet
©2017Bronwyn Heeley

This story is coming to you February 2018, I hope you’ll be looking forward to it as much as I am. I love getting back into this series and making it what it was always meant to be.

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I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours... da da da da dum, author of LGBT+ genre fiction author

Serious, I wanna know

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#New #CoverReveal - Twirled World Ink - #gayromance


I've been keeping a big secret, I had the amazing Reese Dante redesign the Twirled World Ink Covers for me. Reese did an outstanding job on bringing my Twirled World Guys to life.I'll be working on changing out old for new over the next week. 

Also, Twirled World Ink will be available in print soon!

Berzerker - Twirled World Ink 1

Welcome to Twirled World Ink where the crazies run the asylum.

The hum of a tattoo machine was Brian “Berzerker” Anderson’s favorite sound in the world. He’d won a coveted spot at Twirled World Ink with a legend in the business, Gib Phelps. Creating beauty with his large, scarred hands was his happy place—the place where he fit in the world. Although, nothing could remain perfect forever, his boyfriend of over a year decided to move on and up without him in tow. He had two choices, return to living with his friends and co-workers or take an offer too tempting to pass up.

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#Featured #Author #Guest Post- Jeff Erno - Do Imperfections Warrant Trigger Warnings?

Do Imperfections Warrant Trigger Warnings?

Over the years I’ve focused on improving my craft, portraying my characters as nuanced. I’ve tried to make the good guys less than perfect and the bad guys multi-dimensional so they don’t come across as cartoonish, mustache-twisting villains but as real people who possess both good and bad qualities. When I started writing back in my twenties, I was accused of lacking a subtlety of voice, and so this is something I’ve tried to develop. I don’t want my stories or my characters to be too “on point”.

Unfortunately, what some consider strong writing craft and good literature, others find off-putting. Layering a character, portraying him with a negative internal monologue or casting him as cynical in his attitude or world view, causes some readers to outright hate that character. And if a character lacks empathy or is unaware or unconcerned with the struggles of others, some readers become insulted or infuriated. If the thoughts and dialogue of the character run counter to the view of the reader, in some cases the reader becomes uncomfortable and even angry or hurt.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#NewRelease Joker (Executioners 2) #MM #Romance


When I began the Executioners series. Ghost's book contained dark subject matter. Attempted Suicide. Self-Harm. Domestic Abuse. Off Page Rape. Harper deserved the best happily ever after that I could give her, with Joker that belief didn't change. His story was just as dark, but for different reasons. Jackson "Joker" Webb survived severe childhood trauma. I don't feel comfortable releasing the book without trigger warnings. 

When a book contains abuse themes I believe it's important to respect my reader's triggers whatever they may be. I have my own and I believe in being respectful with the subject matter. Joker suffers from PTSD and rage issues. Dem, the man I created for him, lives with a physical disability, again I dealt with these as carefully and respectfully as possible. I included the warning in the blurb, and it's not imperative that you read Joker in order to follow the series. With that said, I do hope that you give Joker and Dem a chance. They were two characters that I believe deserved to find each other and get the best happy ending I could write.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my books and the stories about characters who aren't flawless either mentally or physically. They deal with their hardships and their pasts as you or me. They struggle, they break, but in the end they find their way from the darkness and into the light.

Monday, August 7, 2017

#NewRelease Looking for Jesse by Lisa Worrall #MM #Romance


by Lisa Worrall

Life is full of decisions and it’s the split-second ones that change your world forever.

Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son, Jesse, was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville. The woman looked normal and had a son of her own, and he was only going to be a minute. But that minute was all she needed. His son was gone.

A year later, the task force is being downsized and they are no closer to finding Jesse than they were the day he disappeared. At his wits end, Nick is given a number and a name by the lead on the case.

Ex-detective Frank Ford has issues, several of them. Two steps shy of a full-blown alcoholic, all he wants is to bury himself in the bottle. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, too, when Nick Shepherd asks for his help. Does Ford want to help? No. Is Ford going to help? Hell no. Until four words resonate deep within him.

“She took my son!”