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#Featured #Author Bronwyn Heeley - This Is Me - #Guest Post

This Is Me

I’ve never been good at the whole guest post thing. Like what are we meant to say? Am I meant to assume you know who the hell I am and then run with it? Give advice? I don’t know. So I thought I’ll go with the whole intro idea

I am Bronwyn Heeley, it’s the name I use for my romance writing. I plan, in the next year or so to debut as McGee for young adults. In both cases I am a multi-genre /sub-genre fiction author. Though sometime you have to label yourself accordingly, which makes me a romance author under the Heeley name. However I don’t really write romance. Well, yes, I write romance as in the falling in love part, but not the style which makes me an you’ll love or hate type of author. Fun for me, right. I’m plot driven and like to challenge myself with each new book I start writing.

I tend to write third past tense deep POV which is confusing as hell but I like the style and aren’t planning on changing it. However in my new work I’m heading for long novellas and novels as I think it’ll suit my writing a lot better. It took 3 years but I think I’ve finally managed to get to a point where I’m completely comfortable with myself as an author. Genre wise I tend to swing towards paranormal fantasy but I have a few contemporaries and science-fiction thrown in. I like creating words and the magic involved and I have many new paranormal series coming over the next couple of years.

But first we are going back in time.

When I first published I started with Moonlit Wolves which is a series that is rough as hell, lucky for me they are coming out of contract at the end of the year with eXtasybooks, and so I am already starting to rewrite them, completely, reorganise them and lengthen them. I’ve finish 2 of the 10 books being released next year and I’ll tell you the change is remarkable. But I guess you’ll only really know that unless you’ve read the original and I’m embarrassed enough about them that I hope you haven’t *que awkward chuckle*

Anyway, I know it’s a few months away until this one will be re-realeased and hell, you can still buy the original first 7 books on the extasy site, but I thought I’d share with you a fun unproofed excerpt of the first book in the newly defined Moonlit Wolves series

Introducing Forever with My Werewolf

Chapter One

“Where are we going?” Tim asked for the umpteen time as he was pulled through the thick trees in the bush surrounding Oberon. The bush rubbish was damp under his feet even though it hadn’t rained in a good month. The large roots of the trees were sticky with moss as the trunks towered over their heads. Tim knew if he looked behind he wouldn’t be able to see the road though they’d only just stepped into the tree line. The uniform came from tree farming even if this area was now considered national forest.
“Just for a walk in the woods.” Gene smiled something wicked in his eye.
“Woods, really?” Tim’s eyes narrowed as he looked back at Gene. Colin, his boyfriend’s fingers squeezed around his own as he guided him forwards.
Tim took a breath trying to get rid of the nerves eating away at his stomach. Something wasn’t quite right, but then it wasn’t all that unusual. These boys had a secret, and it seemed he might be finally learning. Only learning secrets wasn’t always a good thing, Tim knew that.
“Yeah? That’s what we are in,” Gene’s playful argumentative nature soothed Tim like nothing else could even if everything was still there.
“No, we are in the bush, woods are in other countries,” Tim replied automatically.
“Semitics.” Gene chuckled, but even that was slightly off.
Tim stumbled as Colin stopped without warning. There hadn’t even been a slowed down step like Colin had forgotten where they’d been going until suddenly he was there.
“This will do.” Colin took a deep breath; his fingers still wrapped tightly around Tim. He didn’t turn to look at him even when the rest of the group moved around them.
All up there were seven other people. These were also the same group that shared one three bedroom house. To say they were close was an understatement and it had taken Tim a long time to get used to the dynamic. Tim’s eyes were all for Colin, wide shoulders, thick neck, square jaw and floppy blonde hair. He looked larger like his personality was showing through and the hair on his jaw was thick, he needed a shave, but Tim quite liked the look of him. He was simply, trackies and a thin jumper, and flip-flops, in the bush, something else Tim had wondered about, but they brushed him off.  
“So are you ready for this?” Colin asked, his voice smooth and even, though there was an undercurrent like he’d been plugged into a wall socket and was just waiting to be turned on.
“For what, come on Colin you’re scaring me.”
“Come on, Tim,” Gene pipped up from the across the soggy needles from the pine trees littering the area. “Haven’t you always wanted to know what we get up to on the full moon?”
“I…” yes. Yes, he had always wondered, even pestered not only Colin but the rest of them on what they got up to on their annual camping trips. He’d not actually realised this was what they did, considering they’d not brought any camping equipment had definitely through him.
“There’s only one way to learn.” Kyle chuckled, it fell flat against the needles. He gripped the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head making Tim blush slightly and look away. Okay, that was even weirder, Tim had become very used to the fact that if he went to Colin’s house, he’d most likely run into a naked man, or two, hell one time he went over there are the whole house had decided it was naked movie night. Lots of flesh on display.
“Babe,” Colin's voice had Tim looking up. “It’s going to be okay.” But even Tim could see he was lying, but about what? About what they were about to tell him or was it more about if Tim would still stay with him when it was over?
“What’s going on Colin?” Tim put his hands up, cupping Colin’s face. Such a handsome face he had. Tim had always thought so. Square jaw, blonde stubble covering it, sharp blue eyes, white blonde hair. He was everything Tim had ever wanted, and he’d been crazy about him since the first time he’d seen him. Pulling Colin closer, Tim took his lips in a kiss he hoped spoke of love and reassurance. It wasn’t until he pulled back, blinking a few times that he realised Colin was naked. In fact that all were.
“Ah… guys, what’s going on?”
“We told you, Tim; you wouldn’t believe it unless we showed you.” James’ spoke in his typical serious tone that slowly turned into a pained growl as the moon shone a bright spot through the trees into the middle of their circle.
“I…” Tim swallowed hard at the sounds deep pants from all seven men around him, naked. Some of them curled in on themselves. Others backs bowed as the sound of socked popping and bones cracking. It was sicking and made his throat hurt.
And then something happened. Tim wasn’t certain as he couldn’t quite make his mind figure out what the hell was actually happening. They became bigger, so much bigger and hair sprouted out over their bodies. Nose becoming longer, turning it into a snot, yeah that’s what was happening, Colin was turning canine. But not like a wolf you’d find in the world, no he was looking more like something caught between Lupin in Harry Potter and a 1980’s movie version, except in full HD. Thick hind legs holding up a straggly body which seem to curl in on itself naturally. His ribs showed under flesh, no hair on his belly, his thighs were huge and sat out, keeping it up
Oh, fuck no…! Tim’s mind stuttered on itself, not knowing which way was up and what was down. No. No.
Screams filled the air, bouncing off the trees, but Tim could hear it, even though he was the one making the noise. He stood frozen, eyes flickering from one were—
“Oh shit.” His chest hurt from the rapped breathing. “Oh shit.” He was standing around in the middle of the beasts, of things out of a horror movie. Movies in which depicted them exactly how they were except this had better graphics. Because they were real. Standing there. Right in front of him, waiting for what? To catch his sent before they start the feeding frenzy?
Seven of them, there was seven beasts. Beast with a better name than that but one Tim was reluctant to actually put to mind. What if thinking it would make it real. What if it was real and he was really standing here in the midst of seven large growly werewolves!
Oh shit, tears pricked at his eyes as he squeaked in breath after breath. The one that took the place of Colin lifted its hand, thin, hairy and tipped with wicked claws.
Tim’s body moved. He stumbled backwards tripping over a log or root. But he kept on going, crab crawling without turning away from the beasts.
A mouth opened, sharp teeth caught the moonlight and Tim was done. His flight mode kicked it. Turning around he pulled himself off the ground without stopping, and he was off. He needed to get out of here, needed to get somewhere safe. He’d watched all the movies he could get his hands on; he loved werewolf movies. Loved everything about it, but what they all had in common was horror, and that was the fact that once they turned they ate, they took apart everyone and everything that was around them. Anything with a heartbeat and turned them into food. Realistically Tim should have thought about that, should have been able to see past the obvious panic his head was creating, but really fuck realism in the face of a fucking werewolf!
The edge of the bush came up quick, thick trees abruptly stopped and Tim stumbled down the steepish hill, dirt kicked up under his heels, roots pushed him further forwards, so he had no other hope then landing on the gravel road but with a hard bang, he was even lucky enough to slide a little which burned the heel of his hand, elbow and one knee. His heart was in his throat, and all he could do in that one moment was make sure his chin didn’t meet the same end. He was going to feel this in the morning.
The squealing of tires and he tried to stumble to his knees, he needed to get out of the way and yet he knew he wouldn’t be quick enough.
“Dude, you okay?” a male voice came from a distance.
“Ah,” Tim managed to say as he sat back on his heel. Looking towards the car he saw that they were actually a good foot or so away from him, three men had their head out the doors. There weren't any streetlights in this part, so he wasn’t sure what they looked like.
“Ah, yeah.” Tim nodded, trying to turn his mind on as the stinging blazed brightly. “Yeah, I think so.”
“Why you out here?” the talker asked as he came around the car, the lights flickering as another walked into the beam.
Tim’s eyes flickered towards the trees. His heart beat hard, his stomach twisted hard.
The scrapping of boots on the road close to him had him turning back towards the men. They both looked to be in the mid to late twenties; they were rough looking, hard even. And Tim wanted to get away from them as much as he wanted to get away from the werewolves. One had dark hair and light skin, oddly so as if they never really got into the sun. The other was similar looking and yet very different, Tim would guess that came more from the shape of the face than anything else.
“Grab him!” the one who hadn’t spoken before, his eyes locked onto the tree line. “We need to get outta here before…Shit! Teddy, pick’im up!”
Tim and the talker—Teddy—eyes flickered towards the bush edge, both seeing the same thing, a line of werewolves, standing up on their hind legs, standing like some sort of horror movie, Children of the Corn kind of shit. Bright eyes watching a soft growl rumbling through the pack.
“Shit.” The talker spat out. Before Tim could do anything, he grabbed him by one arm and lifted him up off the ground.
The werewolf roared, sharp and to the point, it made everyone freeze, the two men, one holding Tim under the arms.
 “What fucking luck.” Talker – Teddy chuckled.
“Destiny.” Yet another voice said, this one deeper, menacing with its glee. “Teddy, knock’em out.”
Tim looked at the speaker, he was older by a lot, maybe even late fifties. He blinked, trying to understand everything that was happening, that he seemed to be in more danger with these people than the werewolves in the woods.
Guns started going off, the people from the car were shooting at the line of werewolves. All but one moved back into the protection of the tree. Tim watched as bullets dug in deep into the werewolf whose eyes were locked on Tim and then like a dream his eyesight dimmed and everything went away.

Colin screamed, he couldn’t help it, though in wolf form it turned into a howl that seemed to rip apart the night.
His mate.
His mate was taken.
His sides hurt, he could hardly breathe.
He needed to find his mate.
It was only the first night as a wolf. This one had him weaker then tomorrow night. Then the night afterwards he’d be in this state again.
He was weak.
His mate was missing.
He took a step, another, and another. Getting himself on the road, looking at the direction the van had gone.
His mate had gone.
He needed to follow. Needed to get him, bring him home.
He started to run, but it was slow. His side burned as pain laced through his body. His legs felt like jelly. But he had to go, had to get to his mate.
He—he...had to...
The road became the only thing he could see. His body hurt, he couldn’t get it to move. He needed to move. To get his mate. To bring him home where he was meant to be.
A howl went through the night, drenched in fear and hurt. Loneliness and grief. The sound of it alone would bring a tear to your eye.
More howls joined in, some close—werewolves. Others far away—dogs.

*remember this has not been through proof edits yet
©2017Bronwyn Heeley

This story is coming to you February 2018, I hope you’ll be looking forward to it as much as I am. I love getting back into this series and making it what it was always meant to be.

Bio time

I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours... da da da da dum, author of LGBT+ genre fiction author

Serious, I wanna know

Email me at beeheeley@gmail.com

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#New #CoverReveal - Twirled World Ink - #gayromance


I've been keeping a big secret, I had the amazing Reese Dante redesign the Twirled World Ink Covers for me. Reese did an outstanding job on bringing my Twirled World Guys to life.I'll be working on changing out old for new over the next week. 

Also, Twirled World Ink will be available in print soon!

Berzerker - Twirled World Ink 1

Welcome to Twirled World Ink where the crazies run the asylum.

The hum of a tattoo machine was Brian “Berzerker” Anderson’s favorite sound in the world. He’d won a coveted spot at Twirled World Ink with a legend in the business, Gib Phelps. Creating beauty with his large, scarred hands was his happy place—the place where he fit in the world. Although, nothing could remain perfect forever, his boyfriend of over a year decided to move on and up without him in tow. He had two choices, return to living with his friends and co-workers or take an offer too tempting to pass up.

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#Featured #Author #Guest Post- Jeff Erno - Do Imperfections Warrant Trigger Warnings?

Do Imperfections Warrant Trigger Warnings?

Over the years I’ve focused on improving my craft, portraying my characters as nuanced. I’ve tried to make the good guys less than perfect and the bad guys multi-dimensional so they don’t come across as cartoonish, mustache-twisting villains but as real people who possess both good and bad qualities. When I started writing back in my twenties, I was accused of lacking a subtlety of voice, and so this is something I’ve tried to develop. I don’t want my stories or my characters to be too “on point”.

Unfortunately, what some consider strong writing craft and good literature, others find off-putting. Layering a character, portraying him with a negative internal monologue or casting him as cynical in his attitude or world view, causes some readers to outright hate that character. And if a character lacks empathy or is unaware or unconcerned with the struggles of others, some readers become insulted or infuriated. If the thoughts and dialogue of the character run counter to the view of the reader, in some cases the reader becomes uncomfortable and even angry or hurt.

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#NewRelease Joker (Executioners 2) #MM #Romance


When I began the Executioners series. Ghost's book contained dark subject matter. Attempted Suicide. Self-Harm. Domestic Abuse. Off Page Rape. Harper deserved the best happily ever after that I could give her, with Joker that belief didn't change. His story was just as dark, but for different reasons. Jackson "Joker" Webb survived severe childhood trauma. I don't feel comfortable releasing the book without trigger warnings. 

When a book contains abuse themes I believe it's important to respect my reader's triggers whatever they may be. I have my own and I believe in being respectful with the subject matter. Joker suffers from PTSD and rage issues. Dem, the man I created for him, lives with a physical disability, again I dealt with these as carefully and respectfully as possible. I included the warning in the blurb, and it's not imperative that you read Joker in order to follow the series. With that said, I do hope that you give Joker and Dem a chance. They were two characters that I believe deserved to find each other and get the best happy ending I could write.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my books and the stories about characters who aren't flawless either mentally or physically. They deal with their hardships and their pasts as you or me. They struggle, they break, but in the end they find their way from the darkness and into the light.

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#NewRelease Looking for Jesse by Lisa Worrall #MM #Romance


by Lisa Worrall

Life is full of decisions and it’s the split-second ones that change your world forever.

Nick Shepherd made such a decision on the day his son, Jesse, was taken from a Christmas market in Naperville. The woman looked normal and had a son of her own, and he was only going to be a minute. But that minute was all she needed. His son was gone.

A year later, the task force is being downsized and they are no closer to finding Jesse than they were the day he disappeared. At his wits end, Nick is given a number and a name by the lead on the case.

Ex-detective Frank Ford has issues, several of them. Two steps shy of a full-blown alcoholic, all he wants is to bury himself in the bottle. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, too, when Nick Shepherd asks for his help. Does Ford want to help? No. Is Ford going to help? Hell no. Until four words resonate deep within him.

“She took my son!”

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#NewRelease Ghost - J.M. Dabney #MF #Transgender #Romance





Gideon Jane earned the name Ghost for his reclusive nature when he joined a group of guys in Powers, Georgia in a band called Executioners. It had been his way of settling into small town life after living in New York for the past twenty years. He loved the band and his small organic farm. What he didn’t love was being single, but it appeared it was his new reality. He didn’t want his ex back, although he did want something. What that was eluded him until the evening he walked into Nightingale’s Books.

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#Promo Post #NewRelease - Canute - Frey Ortega

(the Kindred Series)
by: Frey Ortega

An immortal soldier, tested in the fires of war…

In the aftermath of the attack on his brother and his family, Canute is coaxed into joining forces with another vampire family in the hopes of ending a long feud between two rivaling clans vying for control.

A false pretense…

Under the guise of a Kindred bond, Canute finds himself used as a pawn in some war he wants no part of. Angry, confused, and unable to trust himself, he loses his already tenuous control and becomes berserker, losing himself into the night.

Fighting with fear…

When Canute wakes up, he finds himself in the presence of a young man named Haru, who ends up being his true Kindred. Afraid that he’s still beguiled and unable to fully trust so soon after an immense betrayal, Canute has to fight past his fears and his weaknesses to accept his Kindred. Between immense betrayal and a war where no one can trust their judgment, can he learn to trust—and love—again?

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#Promo Post #NewRelease - The Escape - Nicky James

The Escape: Soren's Saga (Book 3) 

*Note this can be read as a standalone*


Dancing, loud music, drinking and sex...
Who wouldn’t love a job that entailed all these things?
After giving up on school and being cast aside by an unsupportive family, Soren Matheson figured he’d landed every young man’s dream job.
But... there is a catch.
Not everything is as it seems and at the end of the day...
Maybe even dream jobs don’t exist.
Remy Moretti lives in a world of precision and order. When a chance run-in with a sassy, sarcastic blond one evening upsets his structured world, Remy needs to find out who he is.
What he discovers makes his hair stand on end.
The defeat and fear hidden behind the young man’s eyes gives him nightmares.
Someone needs to get to the bottom of this.
Until then, Remy will need to do what it takes to keep Soren safe.

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#NewRelease #Featured #Author Bronwyn Heely's Matching Mates Collection

Series blurb: The rules of the game are simple. When the matchmaker matches you, you have twenty-four hours of heat, where only your mate will soothe you. What you choose to do is up to you, but the pain of not consummating those desires with your mate will most likely end in death. You are free to walk away at the end of your time together, but no one said it would be simple to head off home and forget what happened.

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#Preorder #MF #Transgender #Romance - Ghost - J.M. Dabney


Available Now for Pre-Order

Series: Executioners Book 1
Publisher: Hostile Whispers Press
Length: Novella
Release Date: July 18, 2017

Gideon Jane earned the name Ghost for his reclusive nature when he joined a group of guys in Powers, Georgia in a band called Executioners. It had been his way of settling into small town life after living in New York for the past twenty years. He loved the band and his small organic farm. What he didn’t love was being single, but it appeared it was his new reality. He didn’t want his ex back, although he did want something. What that was eluded him until the evening he walked into Nightingale’s Books.

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#ReleaseBlitz : Saving Sebastian - Luna David

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Cover: Kellie Dennis @ Book Cover By Design


Gideon McCade—weighed down by memories of his previous life as a Navy SEAL and a CIA agent—has blood on his hands. He turns to his BDSM club, Catharsis, and Dominating submissives to get him through the daily grind of civilian life. Knowing his past is too much to inflict on a life partner, he keeps his connections brief and superficial. When his former life comes back to haunt him, his desire for revenge pulls him back into the shadows, darkening his hopes for a future in the light.

Temporarily sidelining his career as a tattoo artist, Sebastian Phillips works as a composite artist for the local police department. To alleviate the inescapable burden of a congenital medical condition, he immerses himself in his art and seeks the catharsis of submission. But with life weighing heavily on his shoulders and darkness encroaching, he yearns for a contract with a Dominant that sees past the protective barriers he’s erected to the vulnerable submissive within.

When happenstance brings Gideon and Sebastian together, their connection is undeniable. The knowledge that they are both too damaged to form permanent bonds of love causes them to rely on an impersonal contract to fulfil their physical needs. But staying emotionally detached becomes impossible, and breaking their contract seems the only option. Will Gideon’s need for vengeance and Sebastian’s declining health destroy what’s grown between them, or will they help each other find their way back into the light?


He continued to give the kittens attention but kept his eyes on Sebastian. “You wearing a plug, boy?”

The blush pushed even more of his buttons and he smiled as his boy nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

Gideon, still squatting with the kittens, rested his elbows on his knees as he gazed up at his boy, grinning. “You look good enough to eat.”

Sebastian’s blush deepened and he turned his face away, avoiding eye contact. Gideon watched as an emotional wall came up, insulating his sub from any unwanted compliments he didn’t believe were genuine. He’d have to work on that.

“Speaking of eating. Have you had dinner?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Come on into the kitchen, I’m gonna grab a beer and you can look through what I’ve got to see if you want anything.”

Sebastian followed him quietly and when Gideon pulled a beer from his fridge, he left it open for Sebastian to look through. He saw a spark of interest and then a sideways glance at Gideon before he shrugged and said, “I’ll just take water.”


That brought Sebastian’s focus directly on him. His eyebrows reaching toward his hairline. “Pardon?”

Gideon grinned at his boy’s proper response and used the neck of his beer bottle to point at the fridge. “You saw something that interested you in there. Go ahead.”

A blush crept up the boy’s neck to his cheeks and Gideon smiled wider, wondering what on earth could garner that much embarrassment from his refrigerator. He frowned when Sebastian insisted that water was what he wanted. That wouldn’t do at all.

Setting his beer down he lifted Sebastian up and sat him on the countertop, and watched as the boy wiggled to get his plug-ladened ass comfortable. He smiled and wedged himself between the boy’s legs. Watching his eyes dilate when he wrapped both of his legs around his waist like he’d done the night before sent a little thrill through Gideon. He loved how Sebastian responded to him.

He leaned in and trailed soft kisses up Sebastian’s neck, smiling when he felt his whole body shiver. Kissing his way to his ear he whispered, “What’s got you blushing in my fridge? Hmm?”

Before Sebastian could respond Gideon kissed his lips and pulled back. “We’re not gonna move from this spot until you tell me. I’m a very patient man, Sebastian.”

Sebastian huffed, blushing again. “You’ll laugh.”

Gideon laughed. Guilty as charged. And reveled in the fact that Sebastian felt comfortable enough to shove him away playfully.

“See? I told you, you’d laugh!”

“You haven’t even told me what you want yet!”

“Well, I’m not gonna tell you now!”

Gideon snuck back in between the boy’s legs and tested a theory from a response he’d gotten the night before, digging his thumb lightly into Sebastian’s ribs. When the boy squeaked, and tried to shove him away again, he dug his fingers into Sebastian’s other side until he was squirming and trying desperately to get away from those tickling digits.


Gideon stopped his torture in complete surprise. A laugh escaping before he could stop it. “What?”

Sebastian’s mouth dropped open at his audacity. “See?! You laughed!”

Gideon gripped the edge of the counter, leaning into Sebastian, the top of his head resting on Sebastian’s shoulder, hiding his face as he kept laughing. “I’m not! Really. I’m not.”

Sebastian gasped and tried to shove him away. “You so are!”

He shook his head and cleared his throat, finding himself completely surprised, pleasantly so, that he was having so much fun. When was the last time he’d had fun like that? His expression serious, he gazed into Sebastian’s eyes, his own twinkling with mirth. “I’m not. I promise. This is serious. Chocolate milk is serious business. Hang on.”

He went about getting out a long ice cream spoon and the largest glass he could find. He filled it with milk and got the chocolate syrup out of the door of his fridge and proceeded to brandish it high above the milk glass, squeezing a ridiculous amount of chocolate into the glass with a flourish.

Setting the syrup down, he held up the spoon to be examined by Sebastian, who was now crossing his arms over his chest, eyes narrowed, doing his level best not to laugh. When he nodded, Gideon proceeded to take said spoon and stir in the chocolate, the milk changing color gradually until it was as dark as he could probably get it.

When Sebastian moved to pick it up, Gideon held up his finger and turned to a drawer. Back a second later, he was brandishing a plastic, bright blue, loopy straw with a penis as the tip and Sebastian lost the fight and finally let loose his laughter. When Gideon handed him the huge glass of chocolate milk he took it with greedy hands and started drinking from the penis with outrageously exaggerated enjoyment, making Gideon laugh again.

When he finally stopped drinking, the glass was half empty and Sebastian smacked his lips. “Ahh! Sooo good! Thank you, Sir.”

Completely charmed, and thoroughly enjoying himself, Gideon replied, “You’re welcome. I’ll keep it stocked for you.”

Sebastian tried his best to look stern. “See that you do.”

They grinned at each other a few more seconds and Gideon remembered the box of pastries his brother had given him earlier. He snagged them from the counter and opened them, watching as Sebastian’s eyes widened comically and he reached in the box, but then yanked his hand back out, looking up at Gideon. “May I, Sir?”

He smiled gently and nodded, loving hearing Sebastian call him Sir. “Please. That’s why I opened the box. Braden made them.”

They snacked on the sugary confections quietly for several minutes and Sebastian took another long drink from his glass and then looked at him seriously. “Um, Sir?”

Gideon smirked. “Yeah?”

Sebastian looked down at his drink and then back up again, grinning. “Don’t think I’m gonna let it slide that you have an electric blue, loopy penis straw in your kitchen.”

Gideon threw his head back and laughed. “Well, see. . . There was this party. . .”

“Uh huh, sure. I’ve heard it all before!”

“You’ve heard a story about an electric blue, loopy penis straw party favor before?”

“Who hasn’t?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, probably most people.”

Author Bio

Once upon a time… deep in the shadows of the infamous BDSM club Catharsis, Luna David, future Authoress Extraordinaire, dreamed of crafting epic gay romance novels to the chorus of whips, chains, and riding crops.

Working for the man by day, and playing caped crusader by night, she fell in love with a superhero whose alter-ego was a mild-mannered financial analyst. With the combined strength of their Evasion Superpowers, they’re able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and escape the horrifying drudgery of peopling and adulting as often as humanly possible.

Luna fiercely devotes herself to her amazing family and friends, drinks coffee like the life-giving ambrosia that it is, and reads gay romance novels voraciously. And while watching a movie and cuddling is still the perfect date night for her and her superhero hubby, her favorite moments are when he makes her laugh until she cries and can’t help but fall in love with him over and over again.

Life for the superhero duo seemed perfect until the birth of twins threw their world into delightful and exhausting chaos, proving perfection always has room for improvement. Leaving big business behind, The Adorables became her full-time job. But eventually Luna realized it was the perfect time to follow her dreams, so she hung up her cape, donned her rainbow slippers and Wonder Woman pajamas, and dove into her fictional world. When not saving her little monsters from themselves or overseeing the Dungeon, Luna slays fictitious evildoers between the pages of her manuscripts.

Her books feature strong dominant males and the men they would die protecting. With love, her hero, and their monsters in her corner, Luna spends her free time writing sweet and kinky, sensual and erotic gay romance. Love has no gender and no boundaries—and Luna loves nothing more than giving her heroes the same HEA she’s been lucky enough to enjoy every day.

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Luna-David/e/B01BR4HXQQ/
Webpage: www.lunadavid.com
FB Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/authorlunadavid/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorLunaDavid

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#NewRelease : What's Up, Pussycat? - Louise Lyons



Release date: July 7, 2017
Length: 24,300 words
Cover Design: Simon Searle


Finley Harrington despairs of ever being able to move on after the death of Andrew, the love of his life. When he spots an advertisement for auditions for Cats, the last musical Andrew performed in, Finley acts on the spur of the moment and calls for an appointment to audition.

Much to Fin’s surprise, he gets the part he hopes for, but during his struggles with stage-fright, and the teasing of a fellow actor, Karl Rogers, he wonders if he’s made a huge mistake. But Karl’s irritating persona hides a different person inside, and when Fin gets to know him, he develops a surprising attraction to him.

Could Karl be the person to help Fin move on from the past, or is he destined to remain alone?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Release Blitz: Addison Albright's Cultivating Love

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Length: 40,472 words

Publisher: JMS Books

Cover: Written Ink Designs


A man of few words, Joe is a hard-working farmhand who likes his simple, uncomplicated life. Ed is satisfied with his existence as an auto mechanic, but thrilled when an unexpected development in his life allows him to help Joe realize a dream.

It forces them, however, to reevaluate the casual, undefined nature of their relationship. They’re too macho to speak of love, and neither would acknowledge he doesn’t really mind when it’s his turn to bottom. When life throws them a curve ball, and the rules of their game get old, Ed tries to take every aspect of their relationship up a notch. Can Joe adapt to the open sentimentality Ed’s injecting into their relationship, let alone the new spice in their bedroom activities?

This is a previously published story that has been rewritten, expanded, and re-edited.


Ed ended the call and set down his phone. He tapped his pencil on the table and swallowed as he reread his notes. It was all arranged. He would meet the lawyer in Mayfield early tomorrow morning, sign a bunch of papers, and get the keys. After that, he and Joe would be pretty much on their own to figure it all out. Keep it, sell it, the lawyer didn’t care; it would be out of his hands. 

He smiled. Apparently, his earlier worries had all been for nothing. Joe was willing to give up city life—such as it was in Omaha—with all its inherent activities, to move to the boonies with him. That had to mean something, didn’t it?

He’d spent too much time simply staring at the lawyer’s cover letter, trembling with a fear he couldn’t quite place, until it had hit him like a runaway freight train. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal to sell the farm and invest the money. Or he could have hired some help while learning the ropes. But the idea of losing Joe had panicked him. He’d never spent time thinking about it before—had taken Joe for granted—but he’d do or give up anything to stay with the man.

The water turned off in the shower. He stood and walked toward the bedroom to strip for his own shower. He kicked off his work shoes and peeled off his greasy coveralls, then ambled into the bathroom.

Joe had already dried off and was combing his short summer-blond hair. Ed’s breath caught in his throat as he watched the flex of Joe’s back muscles. Back, ass, hamstrings, arms—hell—all of him. The potent effect of Joe’s nakedness on his libido never ceased to amaze him.

Ed picked up the nail brush and casually turned on the water at the sink. “Don’t bother getting dressed.”

Joe hooted. His hazel eyes gleamed at Ed in the mirror. “Not a problem. It’s my turn, by the way.”

“Is not.” Ed loaded the brush with grease-removing hand soap and started scrubbing. He yelped when Joe slapped his ass, and attempted a scowl—though it better resembled a leer— at Joe’s self-assured grin reflecting back at him.

“Is too.”

“You have to fix dinner then.” Ed’s stab at a hardline mien wasn’t any more successful than his glower.

Joe snickered again, turning away. “Whatever” came from over his shoulder as he walked toward their bedroom.

Ed smiled as he finished scrubbing his nails. He hurried through his shower and dried off to the beat of the Rolling Stones reverberating from the living room.

Author Bio

Addison Albright lives in the middle of the USA with two peculiar cats. Her stories are gay (sometimes erotic) romance, and tend to be sweet man-love in contemporary settings. Her education includes a BS in Education with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry. Addison loves spending time with her family, reading, popcorn, boating, French fries, “open window weather,” cats, math, and anything chocolate. She loves to read pretty much anything and everything, anytime and anywhere.

eMail: addison.albright@gmail.com
Website/Blog: https://authoraddisonalbright.com
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