Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Body Positivity/Diversity and Me

I've mentally planned this post and, also, rethought it hundreds of times. To start, let me explain a few things and why body positivity means so much to me not only as a person but also as an author. Picture if you will, a thirteen year old girl with already crippling body issues suddenly develops curves she's not ready for. She becomes painfully aware of the glances or outright stares she receives in gym class running laps. Those looks that follow the up and down motion as if watching a tennis match laying down. Said girl is fat and to her at that moment being fat, being female is one of the worst things she can imagine. How would that shape a persons body image for later in life? I'll answer that: badly.

The Body Positive Movement isn't anything new its just garnered more attention as models of size make themselves more visible. It's visible for the fact that body image shapes more than how we view ourselves but others as well. Those thoughts exist as a reflection of the insults we force upon ourselves, we use as judgements of others and what we say whether verbally or mentally about the way a person should be.