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#NewRelease #Featured #Author Bronwyn Heely's Matching Mates Collection

Series blurb: The rules of the game are simple. When the matchmaker matches you, you have twenty-four hours of heat, where only your mate will soothe you. What you choose to do is up to you, but the pain of not consummating those desires with your mate will most likely end in death. You are free to walk away at the end of your time together, but no one said it would be simple to head off home and forget what happened.

Author: Bronwyn Heeley
Series: Matching Mates Collection
Publisher: BonyDee Press
Cover Art: BonyDee Design
Tag: paranormal erotica HEA romance

Each book in the series can be read separately

Book 1: Wrong Place, Right Time
Blurb: Matty was put into a waiter uniform and given a tray. The problem was he didn’t know what it was he was heading into, and what contract he signed for just being there.
A wolf and the night of his life will change Matty forever, as long as he’s brave enough to take what’s on offer and run.

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 9/June/2017
Word Count: 9311 (26 pages)

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Book 2: Catching His Witch
Blurb: Josef has wanted Jesse from the moment he met the little witch, but something from his past had him running scared. A chance in a vampire den’s matching party gives Josef the opportunity to have Jesse just where he wants him, and hopefully find a way to keep the little witch forever.

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 16/June/2017
Word Count: 6095 (17 pages)

Book 3: Timid as a Mouse
Blurb: Loner crocodile shifter, Harry, meets his match with a sweet little mouse that thinks Harry’s everything he could ever want in a mate. But will Harry’s nerves and inexperience lose him the chance with someone who isn’t scared of him?

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 23/June/2017
Word Count: 6211 (19 pages)

Book 4: The Tiger’s Release
Blurb: Henry watches the tiger shifter pass by as they wait for the matchmaker to do his thing, but it isn’t until the tiger starts watching him back that the night truly gets interesting.

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 30/June/2017
Word Count: 7700 (24 pages)

Book 5: Mate’s Freedom
Blurb: Robin was locked in the vampire master’s dungeon for trying to spend the night with the wrong man. However, the right one is willing to give him his freedom, but at what price?

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 7/July/2017
Word count: 9282 (24 pages)
ASIN: B071785N8W

Book 6: Happy Ever Mate
Blurb: Cameron’s life hasn’t been easy, but he’s willing to put up with being a slave to a master vampire, in order to make the man he loves happy. However, Wayne, his lover, doesn’t care where he sleeps, as long as they’re together. Can he convince Cameron to run away, or will they be spending a lifetime in a place neither of them want to be, just to make the other happy?

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited release: 14/July/2017
Word count: 5680 (17 pages)


Cameron sat on the throne at the top of the room, seated above the dance floor and tables the guests at the party enjoyed. To everyone else it was as if he put himself there to lord his position over all that attended, nodding at those who bowed and whispered a brief thanks for their attendance.
“Matchmaker.” One of the men guarding him nudged him awake. His eyes flickered to the left where the guard stood, for just a moment before he caught himself, and then he looked down upon the ladies curtsying in front of him. He wasn’t sure what they had said, what they wanted. Though if he was honest there was a fifty-fifty chance they either wanted to know if their matches were here, or if he’d bless their mating.
“Will you honour us?” one of the women repeated with hesitation, clearly thinking he wasn’t going to allow the match.
Taking a deep breath, Cameron sat up straighter and allowed his eyes to shift to what he’d been told was a deep-purple orb. The colour covering its round structure was only purple, no black, no whites. When he opened his eyes all he saw was colours. Pulses and ribbons danced on the floor, above the floor, reaching for the sky tangling with each other, sniffing one another out, tasting.
Cameron looked down at the women before him, they were a match as much as anyone else was. Maybe not true mates, but even he didn’t get to match true mates often, they were rare. But that didn’t mean a person didn’t get a match, wouldn’t have a mate for life. Things just weren’t that cut and dry. A heart had more love than that, a body held more need. And there were multiple opportunities for love to set, and for them to be truly happy until death pulled them apart.
“Matchmaker?” One of the women gasped, her colour spiking as she started to panic.
“Blessed be,” he whispered down at the women, nodding and connecting their lines that little bit more together than they already were. It would allow for them never to be separated by magical forces.
“Thank you.” The other one sobbed a joyful sob as they embraced with a quick kiss and hurried off.
Cameron felt a spark of joyous light hit his heart before it quickly died as he sat back in his chair. He wanted what he granted others, wanted it more than anything. Well, that wasn’t true. He’d much prefer not to be tethered to a chair and owned by a vampire, who just wanted him so he could hold a matchmaker over the rest of the paranormal world.
Before he could blink away the sight, the vampire in question walked up from behind him. He was a black ominous cloud which made Cameron want to run and find shelter, but instead, he stood still and allowed the darkness to take him over. He’d been here for a long time, understood the rules, and if he didn’t at least make a handful of people connect then he’d be sent to the dungeons, and no one wanted to go there. Especially those who knew they would be freed, in a way, by the end of the week.
“Now, matchmaker.” The darkness spoke, his voice deep and evil. His tone talked down, sneering the name rather than how the woman had spoken before him. There was no love. No hope of wonder. Just darkness, and the added bonus of pain if he didn’t do what was asked of him.
Taking a deep breath, Cameron looked out over the crowd, finding links and wrapping them up together. Each connection knew what was about to happen, if they were lucky enough to be chosen. They’d drop everything in front of them in order to search for the one Cameron chose for them. They could try and resist but all that would entail was a lust so painful it would drive them to their deaths.
No one would take that over a twenty-four-hour fuck feast they were all welcome to have. That’s what they truly came here for, even if they’d hoped for his blessing.
After he did the first step of what was asked of him, Cameron pulled the lust strands on everyone else in the room. It was important and what the vampire wanted more than anything else. The gratefulness of true connection Cameron gave him was an added bonus to the fact that everyone in the room would get laid and be happy, and would pay him more and more in order to get back into the party.
“Let the fun begin,” Master of the vampire’s mumbled, and the matchmaker felt his eyes grow lazy, his body sag. The power he’d used wrung him dry, and a guard had to put a hand under his elbow and carry him out of the room.

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