Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cover Reveal: Club Revenge

Coming Soon!

Club Revenge
Dysfunction at its Finest, Book 1

Genre: Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Pairing: F/F
Length: Novel
Release Date: TBA


A family forged in battle.

Amora Medina-Jackyl knew one thing well—vengeance. She’d inflicted pain without mercy to those who deserved the punishment. She’d lived by one motto her entire existence--family was to be protected above all else. An ancient cult murdered her parents and siblings when she was little more than a child. The Order of Angelus hadn’t understood the Hell they’d brought down on themselves that one brutal night.

Amora was many things in her four centuries. A daughter and a sister, a mother, yet she was best known as a killer. When she finally meets her end, Amora will have hundreds, maybe thousands of lives to answer for. Her only wish is to find one moment of peace. She denies her need as much as she fights to protect it. When the one woman who can bring her serenity comes into her life: can Amora destroy century-old walls to let her in?

Lies and conspiracies tear at the fabric of sanity—of what’s right. Can truths come to light that change the reality of a family who’s known only the taste of revenge and loss?

Author's Note: Previously Published. Extensively re-edited and expanded. The two-part novel is now two complete, standalone books. 

Cover Art by Lex Valentine at Winterheart Design.

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